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Red Whale Pearls are our super useful weekly updates for GPs and other primary care clinicians - designed to turn tricky evidence and guidelines into practical advice for consultations, focus on important issues we shouldn't miss and make our lives easier! Sign up to receive our Pearls by email.

It’s that itchy, sneezy, snotty time of year…

Allergic rhinitis and hay fever is increasingly prevalent in adults and children, thought to be partly due to climate change and longer pollen seasons. It may be tempting to see it as something fairly trivial, but it impacts quality of life and exam results.
16th May 2024

A diagnosis no one wants to miss…

For this week’s Pearl, we have teamed up with the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust to share key presentations that should make us consider further investigations for potential cancer in children and young people.
18th April 2024

Quinolones…just say no to systemic -floxacins!

Hopefully, this Pearl won’t come as too much of a surprise, but, with packed inboxes and calendars, it can be easy to miss something important. The MHRA released a drug safety update in January 2024 that made a very clear statement about the place of systemic fluroquinolones.
28th March 2024

The limping child…what to do?

This is one of the more common primary care paediatric ‘red flag’ MSK presentations, and the most likely cause(s) of an acute limp varies with age. Working out who needs referral can be tricky.
14th March 2024

A rarer cause of chest or back pain…

Acute aortic dissection is one of those conditions we really hope to never see in primary care. And, because it is rare, it may have become a distant memory from our training days.  
7th March 2024

Ramadan: supporting people with long-term conditions

In 2024, in the UK, Ramadan is due to start on 10th March and will end on 9th April. During Ramadan, many of our Muslim patients will want to fast. How can we best support those with long-term conditions during this time?
29th February 2024

Eating disorders – a longer read…

Next week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and we are sharing our whole article to offer us all the chance of a refresher. Early intervention is key, but we need the support of specialist pathways – and, we know, waiting lists can be LONG!
22nd February 2024